Causes Of Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 - Health

This result is quite surprising because it turns out that the number of sexual dysfunctions in women is relatively large. So, what causes the condition?

What is sexual dysfunction in women?
In the broadest sense, sexual dysfunction is the inability to fully enjoy sex. This disorder can occur during all or part of the normal sexual cycle.

In women, sexual dysfunction is divided into four types. Your complaints also vary depending on the type of sexual dysfunction experienced.

Disorders of the libido or sexual arousal. It is the most common sexual dysfunction in women, where interest in sex is reduced or even lost. Women become lazy to make love and always try to avoid them when couples invite them to have sex.
Disorders of awakening, where there is still the desire to make love, but women can not feel excited or maintain pleasure during sexual activity.
An orgasmic disorder, which is difficult or impossible to achieve, even if the sexual stimulation is sufficient and still continues.
Pain during sex This disorder occurs when there is penetration or stimulation in the vagina and can be felt until after lovemaking.
A woman may experience one or more types of sexual dysfunction at the same time. This disorder can last a lifetime. From the beginning, a woman begins to be sexually active or appears only later, without any problem.

Know the cause
In general, three factors affect the satisfaction of women with their sexual lives: physical, psychological and interpersonal relationships with their partners. Because these three things are often interconnected, they must be explored one by one.

Physical factor
A series of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, bladder disorders; Including some antidepressants, medications for hypertension, antihistamines and chemotherapy, can reduce sexual arousal and the ability to achieve orgasm.

Hormone factor
When hormone levels change, for example, after giving birth or during breastfeeding, women’s sexual arousal usually decreases. The vagina is dry, which decreases the desire to have sex.

At menopause, decreased levels of estrogen will cause changes in the tissues of the genitals, as well as responses to sexual stimuli. For this reason, it takes longer for women to get excited before reaching orgasm. In addition, the vaginal wall also becomes thinner and less elastic, which can cause pain during penetration.

Psychological and social factors.
Untreated anxiety or depression can trigger sexual dysfunction. Including if you are experiencing long-term stress, sexual abuse or body image problems. Having certain worries during pregnancy or changing a situation, such as being a mother, can also have similar effects.

Quality of relations with partners.
The existence of a prolonged conflict with a partner, in relation to sex and other aspects, can reduce sexual arousal and the reaction of women.

Whatever the cause, a new sexual dysfunction is considered an anomaly if it is perceived as a deterioration of the patient’s quality of life. According to the results of the study, only 6% of women feel disturbed by sexual dysfunction.

It can be concluded that most Indonesians still hesitate to admit it. Also, to express it to your partner or even to get medical help.

At some point, a woman must have experienced a sexual dysfunction, consciously or not. In fact, there are also women who have problems obtaining sexual satisfaction throughout their lives. If it is really annoying, do not be reluctant to admit it, talk to your partner and consult a doctor immediately. However, sexual dysfunction directly affects the psychological and emotional qualities of you and your partner.

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